Sunday, January 29, 2017

Splash Children's Ministry

The Water's Church takes pride in our youngest members and finds it important that they get to experience church in a fun way that works just for them as well as allowing the adults to properly engage in their own service. The ministry consists of a nursery for children 0-24 months, a preschool group for our 2-5 year olds, and then a brand new Elementary program for kids from Kindergarten to 5th grade. Both the elementary and preschool programs are open and available during both services while our Elementary program is only during the second service. All of these classrooms incorporate fun activities, videos, snack times, and monthly memory verses so children can start learning about Jesus at a young age. It's been a huge pleasure of mine to be able to volunteer for a great ministry and watch the kids grow throughout the years.

H2O Youth Ministries

Every Wednesday night from 6:15-8:00 something amazing happens. A bunch of teenagers from junior highs and high schools all over Katy, ages ranging from 13 to 18, gather in the auditorium of The Waters and share life together. This youth ministry was started long before I showed and I'm proud to say that I get to intern for it now and spend time with some really cool kids. The night starts off with a fun, team-building game or two and then the worship band, made up completely of teenagers, take hold of the stage and lead their friends and peers in a few songs and allow kids from a young age to be led to Jesus through modern Christian music that they can connect to much easier than the traditional gospel/choir music. For the remainder of the time, our pastor, Clint Paschall, or any guest speaker we may have invited to preach, comes up on stage and delivers a message that will carry on with the kids as they continue their weeks. Most of the time, these messages include challenges to act where the teens have a goal in mind as they go to school the next day, and for the following week, to either invite someone to church or just show love to a complete stranger and possibly make their day. Not only do we get together on Wednesdays, though. There are always tons of fun events such as weekend retreats, our big summer camp, or small parties throughout the year for everyone to get together. This youth ministry is what started my involvement at The Waters Church and helped me to meet a lot of the people that I'm proud to still call my friends and family.

For more information about H2O Youth Ministries or any events coming up, visit our website!
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Hello! My name is Maggie Polichino, I am a student at Lone Star CyFair and I am a member of The Waters Church in Katy, Texas. This is a very special topic for me because this church and all of its people have really helped shape me into who I am today. I started attended this non-denominational church when it was just one section of a strip center right outside my neighborhood when I was thirteen years old, and I've had the pleasure of watching it grow and take over nearly the whole center. My love for Jesus was born in this building as well as my calling to music worship after my active participation in the band in my youth group. I remained a part of that band for five years and have recently come back to become their vocal coach and mentor. The people at The Waters are who I can proudly call my family! I love them and I love this church.